Wednesday, 5 October 2011

..peter the pitifull

Thankyou all for the comments! Thankyou the people who spread the word about my blog. Especially Rebekah Brielle and Hannah. And anyone else who has mentioned my blog somewhere, Thankyou too and please tell me if you do.
I was also ammused by your wishes of sympathy for Peter. I passed them on to him. He said "Hmm, well at least there are some people with a little compassion out there!"
His ankle isn't really getting better. Lucy says if the swelling doesn't go down by next week she will use her cordial. But he is going on and on about it. "Ohh the pain!! Get me some lemonade will you Susan" Yeah right! We give him all the sympathy he deserves. But we are nice to him (when its possible). I will admit it is rather horrid to be bed ridden. But his moaning gets so tiresome. As Charlotte said he is being a big baby about it. But he is my brother, and I love him.
Your Queen

P.S Spread the word!


Ella said...

Rebekah Brielle told me about you and I am sure glad she did!! I love your blog it’s so cool!! I followed :)
By the way I do not feel sorry for Peter, he should suck it up. The high king should be tough!

*Lizzie* said...

Good afternoon your Majesty.
I found your "Diary" (blog) and totally fell in love with it!!

Poor King Peter. That would stink to sprain your ankle! :) But i'm sure always hearing him moan would really be annoying! He should stop being a baby and act like the High King of Narnia!! :)
Tell him that me, Lizie, hopes he will recover quickly. :)
God bless!

A Servant for Christ,

P.S. You should come check out my blog!! Here is the link

DG said...

Tell Peter that he should pray that his foot gets better. :)
Tell all of your siblings 'hi' for me. :)

Emily said...

Really, if Peter battled the white witch couldn't he possibly battle a bad ankle. Of course it could be broken. Give him my best wishes.

Sara ♥♥♥ said...

ha ha!!
Sara xox

Anonymous said...

Hey Su!
I will set up my blog after the meeting with the fawns Thursday!!!
Queen Lucy xox