Thursday, 13 October 2011

...happy birthday ed

12 followers! I'm thrilled!
On Monday it was Ed's Birthday. What a wonderful time he had!
I finally decided what to give him. You all know he loves anything sweet...but of course he doesn't like turkish delight anymore. I decided to give him fudge. He simply adores fudge, and would eat bucketloads of it. They had never heard it here in Narnia, so I had to look hard for the ingredients.
I gave him one (very) large box, which him gobbled up in a few hours!
That night we had a huge party for him. The fawns had decorated the palace garden with lanterns and flowers. It took my breath away, truly magical! We all danced well into the night.
Pete's ankle is healed, but he wasn't quite able to dance. My poor little toes were quite glad!
Well I must go.


Anonymous said...

Sounds as if you had a ball! :)
Well, I am extremely glad you found something to give to Edmund.

Rebekah Brielle said...

Aww! Happy Birthday Edmund!
Make sure you spoil him Susan!!!
Haha, does Peter trod on your toes? It's a good thing he spained his ankle then. Well, for you anyway!

*Lizzie* said...

Oh how fun!! I'm sure his party was simply beautiful!!! Tell him happy birthday for me!! :)

hannah:) said...

every time i read one of these lovely post, i speak in a british accent!