Wednesday, 4 January 2012

finally an update

Goodness! It has been ages since I did an update.  I’ve been shamefully neglectful these past few months. We’ve been having many visitors lately. From Calormen, Archenland and the Lone Islands. All coming to trade, to ask for advice or just coming to enjoy our… I don’t know. Bounty?
Lucy has been doing a lot of drawing lately. She does some very nice work. Pictures of fauns dancing, of hunts, the boys taking care of their horses. Her sketch books are quite full.
My mare has finally got better. There happened to be a small nail driven into her hoof. It was so small that I couldn’t see it. But the other day Edmund had a really careful check over Allene, gently pushing on the front tendon and such. He finally found the stupid thing. I called a groom to come and pull it out, I didn’t want to do it that’s for sure. Edmund seems to have a knack with horses. So he got the general back slapping and embraces. Needless to say, I’m very thankful.
In a minute I have to go and get another fitting for a new gown. It’s a really pretty emerald colour.
Oops, time to go.
Your queen

Monday, 5 December 2011

...finally an update!

We have all been busy, busy, busy. The midsummer feast has come and gone. What a joyous night it was!!
Lucy and I wore gowns that we had made ourselves (with a little help of course). Mine was icy blue and Lucy's was a deep burgandy.
Now the busy time has ended and autumn is on its way. Yesterday Lucy asked me if I missed home. Home, Narnia is is home, it seems. The past has faded and every day becomes brighter and more beautiful! But I do wonder about England. Dear, sweet mother, I do long to see her, but somehow her memory is fading into insignificance too.
I must go

Sunday, 13 November 2011

...a trip from archenland

Hello again.
I just got back from Archenland. The rest of my siblings and I had some business there. King Lune of that country is very pleasant company. Peter and Ed enjoyed very long conversations with him even though he is quite a few years older than them. His wife, the queen, is delightful.  Archenland is a very beautiful land, but not half so lovely as my beloved Narnia. 

Anyway, back to the subject.  Pete and Ed wanted some advice on a battle plan to defeat the giants of the north. The dreadful things are making trouble again, bothering the fawns, dryads and the rest of our subjects. We didn’t really come to a conclusion. Although stupid, the giants are bad tempered and not to mention big. If you have any ideas please tell me.
Travelling back to Cair Paravel, We had a bit of trouble with a talking wolf. I think it was part of the Maugrim’s pack. (You know, The White witch’s chief of police.)  Ugly, huge and basically plain scary. One of the dwarfs shot it with a well timed arrow.
My beloved mare Allene has become lame recently. We’re not sure what is wrong with her. I've had everything possible done for her, but nothing seems to be working. Peter refused to let Lucy use any of her cordial on her. I know that the cordial is special but right now I’m not very happy with his decision. I bet he would use some on his horse if need be.
More later, it’s time for lunch.
Your queen

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

..merchants and memory

The search party went well. Peter was certainly not pitiful! I only came for the first part, although I do have skill with a bow, I am not inclined for full on combat.
The days have become peaceful now...our time in England is beginning to become a gray haze.
I can't quite remember Finley..or was it Finchley?? It doesn't matter.
We will never go back . At least..I hope so.
Yesterday the oddest thing happened. We (me and my siblings) were in the drawing room. Ed was lying on his face sleeping, Lucy was sketching, Peter was signing documents and I was doing some mending. When we heard all sorts of instruments. We all rushed to the window and saw a train of exotic merchants. Selling monkeys, rugs, spices anything you can imagine. We all wandered out to have a look. I was browsing the bracelets when Peter came and tapped me on the shoulder, his face was solemn. "You had better come with me Su" "Whatever is the matter?" "Follow me" I followed his as he led me through the now crowded courtyard. We came to a more deserted part, which smelt awful. Then we turned a corner and what I saw made my stomach turn. Everywhere. Bleeding, crying, screaming. Human beings. In chains like animals.
I looked at Peter his face was as white as mine..but not in compassion and sadness but anger. "Slaves" He muttered under his breath "What should we do?" "Set them free" "But we can't just do that" "Then we will have to buy them"
So we did. Most of yesterday afternoon was spent buying them, freeing them, giving them the medical they might need and finding homes for them.
It was tiring...but worth it.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011 sunrise

Back again!
The sun is just coming up. For some reason I felt like getting up early. It was well worth the effort. Seeing the sun peeking over the horizon, birds just starting their morning song. What could be better?
Peter and Edmund have been spending a lot of time down at the beach or in the stable with their chargers. Peter’s horse is a magnificent animal.  His name is Anqus, which means unique strength. It suits him perfectly. He is the largest horse in the stables, not to mention the strongest. But you probably guessed that.  No one but Peter can ride him (When Peter isn’t hobbling around with a bad ankle that is). Peter found him with a brutal man on his back.  Peter bought Anqus and tamed him.  Anqus goes as wild as a lion if any of the grooms try to ride him, rearing and bucking. I suppose that he’s afraid that they’ll start beating him.   I prefer my mare “Allene” which means peaceful one.  

Reports came in yesterday with news of remnants of the terrible White Witch’s army running about. I hate the thought of those horrible creatures, trolls, ogres, hags and the like. It’s enough to make my blood run cold.  I can hear my siblings getting up. They’ll be getting ready to set out on the search party. I’ll join them in a minute.  I’ll be needing all of my gifts from Father Christmas. My horn in particular. I take it nearly every where. Oops, Edmund is telling me to hurry up. I’m coming bossy boots!
More later.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

..a telmarine messenger

We had a Telmarine messenger come today. He was dark (but not like the Calormenes, a different sort of dark) and had the most curious accent. He was quite tall with a beard, he was polite, but I didn't really like him. We are not exactly on friendly terms with the Telmarines, but we are not enemys. Peter joked saying "Maybe we should marry Susan to one of those Telmarine chaps and make an alliance" Ha ha! I don't think so! But he was just kidding. He would never want me to marry for anything but love. And I would NEVER ever fall for a Telmarine, the are so odd, and crule.
I can't think of anything worse, oh sorry, I can. A Calormene!
Lucy has gotten very fond of painting. She sits at the window sketching. I have tried, but I can't seem to do it. Edmund is revelling in the fact that he is thirteen. And has decided he is now offically "grown up". I'm fifteen and I don't feel half grown up. Well I do sometimes but other times I still feel like a child.
I really must go,

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

...happy birthday ed

12 followers! I'm thrilled!
On Monday it was Ed's Birthday. What a wonderful time he had!
I finally decided what to give him. You all know he loves anything sweet...but of course he doesn't like turkish delight anymore. I decided to give him fudge. He simply adores fudge, and would eat bucketloads of it. They had never heard it here in Narnia, so I had to look hard for the ingredients.
I gave him one (very) large box, which him gobbled up in a few hours!
That night we had a huge party for him. The fawns had decorated the palace garden with lanterns and flowers. It took my breath away, truly magical! We all danced well into the night.
Pete's ankle is healed, but he wasn't quite able to dance. My poor little toes were quite glad!
Well I must go.