Wednesday, 26 October 2011 sunrise

Back again!
The sun is just coming up. For some reason I felt like getting up early. It was well worth the effort. Seeing the sun peeking over the horizon, birds just starting their morning song. What could be better?
Peter and Edmund have been spending a lot of time down at the beach or in the stable with their chargers. Peter’s horse is a magnificent animal.  His name is Anqus, which means unique strength. It suits him perfectly. He is the largest horse in the stables, not to mention the strongest. But you probably guessed that.  No one but Peter can ride him (When Peter isn’t hobbling around with a bad ankle that is). Peter found him with a brutal man on his back.  Peter bought Anqus and tamed him.  Anqus goes as wild as a lion if any of the grooms try to ride him, rearing and bucking. I suppose that he’s afraid that they’ll start beating him.   I prefer my mare “Allene” which means peaceful one.  

Reports came in yesterday with news of remnants of the terrible White Witch’s army running about. I hate the thought of those horrible creatures, trolls, ogres, hags and the like. It’s enough to make my blood run cold.  I can hear my siblings getting up. They’ll be getting ready to set out on the search party. I’ll join them in a minute.  I’ll be needing all of my gifts from Father Christmas. My horn in particular. I take it nearly every where. Oops, Edmund is telling me to hurry up. I’m coming bossy boots!
More later.


*Lizzie* said...

Hello there!!!
I do love horses! I'm sure Peter's horse is a magnificent animal!! And same with your horse!!!

Oh you must tell us how your search party has gone!!! I'm sure it has been very exciting!!!

bethy said...

I hope the search party goes well.
Beth xx

Ella said...

me too, hope it goes well.

Ella said...

I hope everything goes well.
P.S.I love getting uo early too!