Wednesday, 4 January 2012

finally an update

Goodness! It has been ages since I did an update.  I’ve been shamefully neglectful these past few months. We’ve been having many visitors lately. From Calormen, Archenland and the Lone Islands. All coming to trade, to ask for advice or just coming to enjoy our… I don’t know. Bounty?
Lucy has been doing a lot of drawing lately. She does some very nice work. Pictures of fauns dancing, of hunts, the boys taking care of their horses. Her sketch books are quite full.
My mare has finally got better. There happened to be a small nail driven into her hoof. It was so small that I couldn’t see it. But the other day Edmund had a really careful check over Allene, gently pushing on the front tendon and such. He finally found the stupid thing. I called a groom to come and pull it out, I didn’t want to do it that’s for sure. Edmund seems to have a knack with horses. So he got the general back slapping and embraces. Needless to say, I’m very thankful.
In a minute I have to go and get another fitting for a new gown. It’s a really pretty emerald colour.
Oops, time to go.
Your queen