Monday, 5 December 2011

...finally an update!

We have all been busy, busy, busy. The midsummer feast has come and gone. What a joyous night it was!!
Lucy and I wore gowns that we had made ourselves (with a little help of course). Mine was icy blue and Lucy's was a deep burgandy.
Now the busy time has ended and autumn is on its way. Yesterday Lucy asked me if I missed home. Home, Narnia is is home, it seems. The past has faded and every day becomes brighter and more beautiful! But I do wonder about England. Dear, sweet mother, I do long to see her, but somehow her memory is fading into insignificance too.
I must go


Devotion Girl said...

oh my, i sure hope you don't forget your mother.

Queen Lucy of Narnia said...

I loved your dress, but mine, well let's just say, that I don't like petticoats!!!
- Lu

ps. I WILL start a blog for new years!

Emily said...

Petticoats??? Your dress sounds lovely Su! Did you really make it by yourself?